Friday, June 6, 2014

Floorball coaching- Tommi Remsu series

Hello fellow Statbeaters!

My name is Tommi Remsu. I am an ordinary Finnish bloke, whose spare time is more or less filled with floorball. And to be more specific- coaching floorball. And if that is not enough, the rest of the time that is usually reserved for sleeping, I reserve for writing about floorball. Since it’s 21st century, I am doing it online. My personal blog is in Finnish and can be found here. In addition to that, I have been writing for almost a year in Floorball central.

I don’t know how, perhaps via Twitter, Statbeat guys approached me earlier this year with the idea to guest blogging. Needless to say, I was excited and little flattered even.

Who am I?

I mainly write about floorball coaching, whether it is about coaching issues in general, or about the progress of our team in particular. This is the way that I’m going to proceed with here as well.
In addition to that, I will write about variety of sports-related general issues. For example planned topics will be about relations of floorball and other sports (ice hockey, basketball etc.). If you have some areas of interest about topics, feel free to contact me.

A word about my background

I am from northern part of Finland. As I am at my early 30’s floorball had not found it’s way to my hometown at my school time. Of course, we played “sähly” (no rink, flexible sticks from the 80’s) but this was far from what we nowadays call floorball. My youth-hood was filled with ice hockey and football (or soccer).

I have however played floorball in competitive level for one season. Or, actually, not full season. We had two tournaments and then some mishappenings in financial sector meant that we had no money left, so that was it. Thank you very much mrs. cashier.

So, some time passed, actually nearly 10 years, before I returned to the game. This time as a referee. I did some whistleblowing for three years in Finnish minor- and junior leagues before moving forward to coaching.

I have coached for two seasons now. 1st one was at SC Pommak women’s team in finnish 3rd division. We finished in the mid-section of the series. That season was actually learning process for me, rather than actual coaching.

For the last season, I moved to Nokia (near Tampere) and got by chance the possibility to be 2nd coach of women’s team of Pirkat which is from Pirkkala (also near Tampere). This season was also rather educational to me, but this time there was more time for actual coaching. We finished 3rd in the series (2nd division), which was a slight disappointment for us. For this season we are determined for promotion to 1st division, that is logically the 2nd highest series in women’s floorball in Finland.

As you follow this blog, you will learn about my ideas about coaching and floorball in general.
I hope that you enjoy reading these posts. If you have any comments, you can find me from twitter with @remuli.

See you!

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