Tuesday, December 30, 2014

"A must have experience"

Statbeat has some cool features you might not be aware of. In this blog post Mika tells about the ones he likes the most. IBK Vantaa is an amateur floorball team playing in the 5th division. Follow IBK Vantaa in Statbeat. 

"It has been great to have Statbeat in our Talvi-liiga and Helsinki Floorball cup matches. Few know, but there are many more features in Statbeat. Here is the stuff I like the most."

One personal profile for all the your teams across different sports

"It's cool to have one profile for different teams. I play Floorball in two different teams and it is great that I do not have to use different places to check my other team ongoings. I have also noticed that Statbeat provides all of the stats from games, tournaments and leagues in one place."
Pss! Your one profile can be used to create and join as many teams as you like across different sports. Create your own team, add friends and you are ready to roll!

Awesome stats

2014-2015 IBK Vantaa stats

Random Helsinki Floorball Cup game

"More and more tournaments nowadays provide standings and tournament results, but it was nice to see personal stats in Arena Center's Talvi-liiga games. In addition to that, there are also team stats from all of the tournaments that we participate in."

Calendar integration

Calendar integration is probably the simplest and the most useful feature at the same time. Nothing beats its simplicity and convenience.

Psst! Have you already integrated your games into the calendar?

written by David from Statbeat

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