Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Paizio Welcomes Eero Vehmanen!

Paizio has today added yet another hacker to its team with Eero Vehmanen joining the company's force in its luxurious headquarters in Leppävaara, Espoo. Eero is currently finishing his Master's Degree in University of Helsinki, in the Department of Computer Sciences - and has a reputation of a true math wizard to live up to.

Paizio COO, Olli Pölönen, was naturally delighted of the news: "Eero is pure talent and we expect him to further speed up the development of paizio and bring this magnificent product to the market soon - and in magnitude that no one has ever seen before"

Whilst Eero was the fifth employee to join the growing Paizio team, the company CEO, Konsta Vesterinen has stated that more employees are being still scouted, and especially hackers and people with great graphical skills are targeted. If you think you have something to give for the project, you are cool and preferably fearless, why don't you contact us and we see if we can find you something.

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