Friday, July 22, 2011

Some New Updates and A Good Surprise

As some of you might have noticed, we have rolled a number of new features in our alpha lately. Even though the development team has been going through some serious challenges, everyone here is delighted that none of them have been impossible to overcome. We are still in the schedule to launch the beta in September and we sure aim to keep it that way!

Then a few words on our development policy: the general idea is to roll-out a new version of paizio on every weekend. Even though the weekly updates contain only minor changes due to the fast development cycle, we agreed that it’s the best way to keep up the pace and your interest towards evolving platform. This week we have focused on two major things:

  • Adding and editing match actions
  • Customizing the team site

The newest features can be tested today onwards in In order to be able to test the features, you should first create a team, add a few members to it, after which you can create a match for your team and start playing around.

In case you haven’t yet tested the earlier updates, I suggest you also take a look at the,

  • fresh match dialogue
  • following / followers feature which allows you to follow the updates of your favorite persons / teams in paizio
  • News feed which allows now also commenting and navigating

We still would very much want your feedback in on the new features and also suggestions on the future features – we just can’t underline enough how important your feedback is to us! You can leave your feedback either through the feedback widget in, in our Facebook page or by contacting us directly.

Last but not least, we want to delight all our friends out there playing floorball and ice hockey. Your voice has been heard and we have decided to work even harder and add your favorite sports already in the beta version! Thus, the beta will cover the three perhaps most influential team sports in Finland: Football, floorball and hockey – naturally supporting also the multisport functionality, allowing you to operate multiple teams in multiple sports simultaneously.

Now how great is that?

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