Monday, September 26, 2011

What's going on?

Since we have been really lazy to blog recently, this post should be considered as a general wrap-up of what has been going on. The future intention is that these updates would come somewhat more regularly and all you - the super enthusiastic fans out there, would be better informed of our activities.
To keep this post brief I list the key developments here.
  • Liiqu launched a completely new UI and many new features the other week. Check them at (log in with your facebook account, create a team and start playing a round)
  • Multisport support is close and soon the floorball and hockey guys can start to test the service for their needs
  • The company has grown somewhat steadily and we have now six guys working here. Four are developers whilst two spend their time mostly bullshitting around.
  • We are planning to close the beta from the audience and you should let us know if you are interested to get your team as part of the beta
  • We are still, like always, very much enthusiastic to know what you think of the service and whether you get it or not. Drop as a line fellow!
I could also probably mention that liiqu were chosen in the Forum Virium program and we are also a Spinno incubation company. Both of the aforementioned will help us to achieve our goals faster and accelerate our growth. Great! We have also managed to attract some talent for the company as Karri Hautanen (HP, Racon, Technopolis Ventures, Applifier) and Kai Lemmetty (Floobs, Gigswiz) have joined the company's more or less informal advisory board. Welcome Kaitsu and Karri Kapteeni!
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