Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Liiqu Beta Launch Day

So, it is finally the time to launch liiqu with the very basic functionality. It sure took time, and we sure learned the lesson of building the minimun viable product first. Good!

It's the first ever product launch for most of us and we have to admit we're very nervous about it. Or, let's say it straight: we are shitting in our pants. Even though we expect to get users only little by little, the launch date metrics will tell us whether we are even close there where we want to be and what will be the viral effect, if none. Even more nerve-cracking.

What this beta launch aims at, is to give the users the possibility to start using the service with real data and real player updates. We wish to get a great amount of feedback through our social media accounts and the uservoice tab which can be found on the left panel of liiqu platform.
Go and use the service and tell us whether it adds value to your team sport routines and how it could still evolve to do so more. Let's keep the coms open.
It's been a great ride until here!

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