Thursday, December 1, 2011

Month after the Launch: Super Great Updates Coming!

It’s been a month since our minimum viable product launch and we've received tons of experience and feedback since then. Big thanks to all of you! After the launch, most of our focus has been in fixing the bugs and early design errors you guys pointed out for us – and as many of you might have noticed, a great deal of them is already fixed.
Even though the focus of our operations has been in fixing bugs, Janne has been active in deploying some major improvements for our coding practices and technology. This will pay off soon and our development cycle will get faster than ever.

Enhancements on their way!
We are super excited about our latest developments. Probably I won’t even remember them all, but here are some of the improvements we’re about to bring to you:

  • Coming events and matches
  • Someone writes you or comments on your post
  • Match results are updated
  • ..And much more!
Match Results Shown in Feed
  • You will now get updated of all the match results of the team’s you follow. I suggest you all add interesting teams to your following list to stay tuned about the developments of these teams!
  • By clicking any of these match results, you will see the details of the match e.g. participants, goal scorers and the match reports.
Double Accounts
  • Accounts can now be merged and the unused accounts can be thus deleted. We’re sorry about the trouble you have been through because of it
Member Invitation
  • You will be able to invite members also through e-mail. Inviting the whole roster will be very smooth as the players with no FB-account can be added easily through e-mail
Statistics Enhancements
  • Team admins will be able to easily modify the roster after matches and practices in order to ensure that only players who were participating are marked as being around. Thus, the statistics (and training participation measures that are to be added) will show the right figures always.
Some of the updates will be live next week; the rest will follow within two to three weeks. Altogether, the updates will make Liiqu a much more vibrant service and bring more real-time team sports updates on your sight.

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