Monday, January 23, 2012

Two New Releases

Hello there! The updates keep on coming and we've now deployed an update of 102 minor enhancements. The enhancements include bug fixes for statistics, activity streams, team member handling etc.

In addition to this, we also released a new feature update which should help you to join a team easier than before. After receiving feedback from multiple customers we found out that the member inviting system was confusing and needed a facelift. Thus, we started to work a completely new way to invite your members which is on its way still today.

Before getting the big picture right, we however implemented the "join" button for team sites. Thus, any player who has logged into the service can now request an access to join a team. This will prevent the cases where team managers are unable to get the team members to join the team through FB request due to the fact that the player has already joined the service on his own.

Below a few pictures of the solution. Do you think it fixes the problem?

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