Monday, February 27, 2012

Invitation System: Generation Two

We have redesigned our invitation system completely to better stand up to the standards you were waiting for. The invitation system is live already and the best way to get familiar with it is in Liiqu. In particular, the new invitation system can be tested from your own team page, under members and “invite members”.

In brief, the new system includes three alternatives for inviting your friends, via Liiqu, e-mail or Facebook (we still recommend you use the Facebook login, as we will expand the Facebook-related feature set aggressively in the future). So what else is new, in addition to inviting players to join team over e-mail?

  • You can now resend invitations to people who haven’t yet replied to your invitation. It’s been super annoying to have the inactive users there and you don’t know whether they still have the invite or not. 
  • You can change the method of inviting. You can re-invite the people who you had invited over Facebook with e-mail instead. This should help you to reach them faster!
  • It also works the other way around: change your e-mail invitations quickly to Facebook invitations. It’s super simple through the new user interface.

There’s still a couple of screenshots that will help you to understand the new invitation system. Does it work now like you always wanted it to?

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