Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Continuing the Sequence of Minor Releases

Like we told last week, we’ll be having plenty of new things rolling out the coming weeks. In case you happened to miss the previous newsletter, you can view it from here to know more about the upcoming features.
The current release we deployed includes
  • Private posts. Team walls now enable you to send internal posts to your team members. Only your team members will see these posts and you can enable any wall post as private by clicking the lock icon before writing to your team’s stream.
  • Enhanced team event tabs now include RSVP icon and number of people attending and missing. This allows you to quickly see the status of the upcoming events as well as to look the amount of event participants in past (screenshot below).
  • Match reports are now more easily readable. We included line breaks and few other minor improvements.
  • We added a help page for newcomers and curious souls

Remember that we are about to bring the long anticipated Facebook Events out soon! Stay tuned!

Let’s keep on rocking! – Liiqu Team

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